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General Funding

We are currently working on phase one of the foundation which includes general fundraising to go into the general budget account. The general budget account is the main resource for funding projects that the Sheriff’s Office is in need of. These funds could be used towards specialized training, equipment, updated technology, and much more.

The general budget is a “Non-Restricted Account” that can be used to fund any different requests from the Sheriff’s Office, whereas a “Restricted Account” (such as the camera fund) can only be used for the purchase of a specialize project. Although this is a non restricted account it will not preclude the foundation in helping to fund some of the specialized projects if donations fell a little short of the goal.

The way the general fund will work is based on a common sense and transparent process. The Sheriff’s Office will submit a request (proposal) to have a project funded. The five board members will meet to ensure that there are enough funds, we understand the project, and to vote on the approval of the project. All of these steps will be documented and retained by the foundation and a synopsis will be posted on this website so our donors can see what they are providing to the Sheriff’s Office and Deputies.

We want to thank everyone that has been supporting this worthwhile mission to help those that work to help us when we call them.