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Deputy Needs Assistance Fund

Working in the law enforcement profession is an inherently dangerous job. Although many people are quick to think about the dangers of engaging a person with a gun, there are far more dangers that a deputy can face each shift. A distracted driver could crash into a deputy’s vehicle, a deputy could suffer from an injury during a foot pursuit, or many other events. The Deputy Needs Assistance Fund will be available for any deputies that may be placed in a position where they need some financial assistance to help get them to the other side of the issue.

This fund will not be exclusively for line of duty injuries; it may be accessed on a case-by-case basis for potential family emergencies, illnesses, or even “Acts of God” cases. The foundation understands that if someone working in law enforcement is going through a tough time, it can be difficult to remain vigilant during a shift without worrying about what is happening at home while they’re gone. We believe that a community should also be there for those that spend there time exclusively looking out for us.

The program will be a smooth process for anyone that feels they need to request assistance. The employee will submit a request to their supervisor who will review the request. If approved internally the Sheriff’s Office will submit a request for funds for that employee. The name of the employee and the purpose of the request will remain confidential and The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Foundation will not disclose to the general public any of the information supplied by the Sheriff’s Office. We will keep our donors and supporters aware of the cumulative dollar amount that has been issued from this fund.