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Current Projects

Below you will find the projects that the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Foundation is currently working on funding for. These projects will change as they become fully funded or if the Sheriff’s Office files for a special request for funding of a different project. 

This project will always be open as we work to gain the financial strength to offer the Sheriff’s Office the necessary tools to become an even stronger protection force for the county.

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The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office is currently utilizing a mobile camera system that can capture criminal activity, vehicles, or people. This system is designed to be used as an investigative tool only and is not used for live surveillance. Currently we are working on raising funds for ten additional camera systems that the Sheriff’s Office can deploy as they deem necessary.

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The Deputy Needs Assistance project is designed to be a living entity that will be available to personnel that are in need of financial assistance. We understand that injuries, family emergencies, and unexpected events can happen at any time. The foundation is working to fund this project to be available to help. 

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