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Camera System Funding

Flock Safety Camera System

The camera system that the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office uses the Flock Safety Camera System to assist with criminal investigations throughout the county. The camera system will be able to be accessed through the East Alabama Metro Crime Center (EMACC) which is a central hub for law enforcement agencies that operate in and around the Calhoun County area. This is the same camera system that was accessed to locate a Calhoun County resident that was forcefully kidnapped and taken out of the state. She was successfully located and rescued by law enforcement and the suspect was also captured in another state and currently is incarcerated at the Calhoun Jail. The camera system is not monitored by a live person but rather collects data that it captures on its lens. If a crime occurs and a law enforcement investigative purpose occurs the data can be retrieved through EMACC to be used by investigators.

The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Foundation will be providing two separate ways to donate to the camera systems due to special requests from the community and a request by the Sheriff’s Office for additional cameras. The camera systems are leased from the Flock Safety Camera System and need to be renewed each year. The fee for the system is $2,500 per year.

Method 1 – Sheriff’s Office Camera Donation

The Sheriff’s Office has already indicated that they would like to have at least 10 more throughout the county, this will add to the 10 that are already in place and being utilized. These cameras will be directly donated to the Sheriff’s Office, and they will determine where they will be placed and how to better utilize the system to cover the county.

Method 2 – Specific Neighborhoods/Groups

If a neighborhood or local group of businesses would like to have a designated camera system in their area the residents/owners can collectively raise the funds and donate to the “Designated Camera Fund”. This process will be finalized through the Sheriff’s Office and the designated group that has requested, and paid, for the camera system. The Sheriff’s Foundation will notify the Sheriff’s Office of the available funds and the group that has made the request along with the direct contact information of the group leader.